Sweet sleeping baby

Sweet baby Chloe, the daughter of my friend and business partner Juliana.

Sadly baby girl wasn’t feeling the best on this day and wouldn’t let us mold her or play much, but that how it goes with babies. They run the show.

Sweet girl is almost 9 months old so these are a little late getting posted, but stay tuned for her 7 month pictures coming later this week !

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Chris and his Katie. Two of the nicest and most laid back people you could ever hope to meet.

Due to a neck injury they are also probably the last newborn session I will be able to do, so I’m extremely grateful that it was with such a beautiful couple.

There is a A LOT of love in this family, and the energy they both give off is really peaceful.

They both have that gift of making everybody feel welcome and wanted, and were kind enough to allow my 8 year old to take pictures of their beautiful baby as well as myself.

For the record the pics of baby Eloise sleeping from the left  side ……were taken by my 8 year old:)

Since this is a VERY picture heavy post, Ill just step aside and allow you to get to know Katie and Co through the pictures and in her own words.



What do you do for work / and or what are you trained in?

“I am a Senior Brand Manager for SPARK, a marketing and advertising agency that focuses on branding, integrated marketing and digital production for its clients. As a member at SPARK for over 5 years, I develop relationships with our clients, leading the management and strategic planning for their marketing campaigns. spark.us”




What female inspires you now? Why ?

“One woman I admire is Tory Burch, both for her impeccable design and her philanthropy. As a self-made icon in the fashion industry, she uses her global influence to support and empower other women through her foundation enabling women to become entrepreneurs. She recently made the Forbes’ 100 Most Powerful Women list.”



What female impacted/inspired you most as a child?

“My mother and grandmother inspired me most as a child, but from very different ends of the spectrum. My grandmother Eloise was a devout woman married to my grandfather for 32 years until he passed away in an automobile accident. She was the most godly and kind woman I’ve known who taught me gentle generosity, patience and thankfulness for all of God’s gifts in this life and eternally. She passed away in 2010 and took a piece of my heart with her. In her honor and memory, my husband and I named our daughter after her. My mother inspired my strength and outgoing personality. She and my father divorced shortly after I was born, and as a single mother, she raised me to be confident and independent. She spoke to me and respected me like a person, not a helpless child, and it fostered maturity at an early age. We are best friends and I could always talk to her about anything and still do.”



What’s your greatest dream?

“To be joyful through this life–Treasure my dear family and friends. Pursue hobbies that bring me happiness. Travel the world. Love abundantly.”

What is your greatest accomplishment?

“The birth of my baby girl! Chris and I are so thankful for the miracle of parenthood and aking in the wonderment of life through her new eyes.”



What is your biggest fear ?

“Taking the small things for granted by moving through life too quickly. Savor the small, sweet moments and live in the present without worrying too much about the future. One of my favorite quotes is by Robert Brault- “Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.”


Do you have a cause you speak up for ?

“I am an active and passionate member of the Junior League of Tampa, a volunteer organization of over 1,800 women with a mission to improve communities and develop the potential of women. Child Welfare and Education are two core issues of focus, with over 60,000 volunteer hours and $250,000 invested into the community each year.”



What do you love most about your children? Tell us about them !

“Eloise is only 6 weeks old, but we can already see her sweet personality coming through. I love that she has already brought my husband and I such abundant joy that we did not know was possible. I never realized that I could love my husband any more than I already did until witnessing him as a father. They both hold my heart.”


What do you hope to do different for them then how you were raised ?what do you want to do the same ?

“I hope to raise a confident woman and will encourage independent thinking like my mom did. From what I would do differently—keep God central in our family.”


What is your greatest advice based on your experiences to the young females of today ?

Spend time soul searching in college about what kind of career path will bring you PASSION and avidly pursue opportunities from networking to internships to create connections and experiences that to fulfill those dreams. Most of life’s most valuable opportunities do not fall in our laps—we have to go get them.”


Tell us about random act of kindness.

“While I was pregnant in my first trimester, I frequently had headaches that would make me tired and a little fuzzy-headed. After pumping gas, I unknowingly dropped my credit card at the pump and headed home. About an hour later, I noticed my card was not in my wallet and started frantically dumping out my purse trying to find it. Shortly after, my doorbell rang and a sweet woman was outside with my card. She found it at the pump, looked up my address and hand delivered it. I was overwhelmed by not only her honesty, but her selflessness. Her efforts saved me hours of time and frustration to cancel the card.”




What’s your statement ?

“What lies behind you and what lies before you are small matters compared to what

lies within you.”—Ralph Waldo Emerson”

Thank you guys so much for welcoming Kate and I into your home and your special moments. Looking forward to seeing you guys again !

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