new beginnings. new blog.

Welcome to my new blog !!

Its funny how a road can be both the ending and the beginning at the same time.

The road I now stand on is beautiful and intense. A super highway of sorts where my life goes at speeds unknown, and my only guide being a deep trusting of the inner voice. Sometimes it whispers, sometimes it screams but it always speaks the truth and it always leads me right to where I need to be.

After ten years of standing still, putting down roots and building a life in NYC…………. I realized  those “roots” were a cage and I had to break free.

I am a born wandering soul who seems to scatter when sitting still for too long. It’s as though little pieces of me grow restless and break off to go seeking on their own. Leaving me not even a shadow of who I used to be. It took me almost ten years to find enough of those missing pieces to put myself back together ….just enough to begin to move again.

I truly believe that when the person is ready their road will appear. Like Dr Martin Luther King said ” faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase”

2011 I closed my eyes, ripped up some roots, opened my cage and took that first step.

My road appeared but it only had one direction ……due south. It led straight to Virginia Beach, dropped me off and then disappeared.

Although I knew it was not my final destination………I was not ready, willing or able to go any further at that point. Like a puppet, I was still bound by strings and cords trailing out on the road behind me.  My own personal bungee cord…….allowing me to go so far, but easily and often pulled back.

Fall of 2012 that cord snapped and another road appeared. Again it only led south…… destination Tampa Florida. It is here we start completely over……head to toe, left to right and all the spaces in between. Every corner of my life lit and examined. A yard sale of the soul.

I’ve always been a huge fan of new beginning and fresh starts. It’s probably why I’m so drawn to focusing on  children. Everything is brand new to them, every day, even as they are brand new to us growing inch by inch into somebody else. We often only see this massive growth through the eyes of others or the pictures we take.

Only upon looking at a photograph of your little girl at 2 weeks can you truly see how much she has grown at 2 months. A bit down the road at 2 years, though still so incredibly tiny, the transformation is even more incredible.

Childhood is a journey….each tiny soul on their own superhighway. They travel at warp speeds out of the baby, into the toddler and then onto to the little girl or boy. Documenting this journey is what calls to me and it will no longer be ignored.

This blog is a visual approach of my journey alongside yours. Your life. Your lives. My lens.



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