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Meet Kealoha.

From the moment we met I have been touched and inspired by the manner in which this incredible woman conducts herself, treats others and lives in a total state of gratitude. It is so refreshing and completely contagious.

Despite being ridiculously gorgeous, she is very down to earth, humble and welcoming.

I spent three lovely days with her and her equally as impressive husband Justin at their lake house and it honestly just centered me. I truly believe you meet the right people when you need them , and I am certain Kealoha found me exactly when I needed her to.  She may never know how three small days changed something inside of me on a much larger scale, and how the ripples are still being felt.

I’m beyond grateful I met Kealoha,her wonderful family, and her beautiful baby.  I really am looking forward to the next series of documenting this angel as she grows.

Do yourself a favor and get to Know Kealoha in her own words. She is a woman playing hard in the predominately mans world of engineering and is solid proof that women can do or be anything !

( slideshow of baby newborn session is at the bottom )


What do you do for work / and or what are you trained in?

“My main job is as a Senior Mechanical Engineer for the medical device manufacturer Smith & Nephew. I work in New Product Development for the Advanced Wound Management Division.  There is nothing like seeing that daily you can impact those in medical need.
Secondarily, I spend time as a group fitness instructor for Power House Gym, where I teach Les Mills Body Attack, a high-energy sports inspired cardio workout that will humble even the best athletes by building strength and stamina. Besides being a lot of fun, it keeps me healthy and feeling great.
I also chose to volunteer my time for the Junior League of Tampa, an organization of over 1,800 women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women, and improving communities through effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. This is a rewarding place to volunteer my time, with women who are truly inspirational.”


What female  inspires you now? Why ?

“I pull inspiration from almost any woman I encounter! I honestly do not know how I would have survived pregnancy and now new motherhood without the advice and counsel of so many women. Although, my mother has provided and continues to provide the most profound inspiration in my life. I have witnessed her struggles and monumental successes first hand. She is a selfless, giving, supportive and STRONG woman who has always managed a family and a career. Sometimes when I am at my strongest, I catch a glimpse of her in me. It is likened to that moment when you walk by a mirror or window and you see your mother in your physical reflection.”

What female impacted/inspired you most as a child ?

“My mother works in the construction industry and when I was young, she would let me free play at the drafting tables with all the drafting instruments. The drafting stencils and parallel rules, but by far the best was the electric eraser! She was a technical artist, and today I create technical drawings almost every day as an engineer. She succeed in a career path that was not traditional for women, I have heeded that lesson and chose a career as a female engineer. The barriers that we encounter are only as big as we allow them to be.”


What’s your greatest dream ?

“Happiness, but not in an overwhelming sense,happiness with balance, meaning you appreciate the highs more when you understand and learn from the lows.

What is your greatest accomplishment?

The effort I put forth daily. My parents and so many others have not been given the same opportunities that I have. I just want to make the most of each day. If I can do this, every day, that would be my greatest accomplishment.

What is your biggest fear ?

“My biggest fear is missing out on an opportunity because of fear, the fear of taking a risk, or of failure. Sometimes I have to remind myself that while there is great comfort in the familiar territory, I will grow more if I push beyond that comfort.”

Do you have a cause you speak up for ?

“Improving our communities through volunteerism, at a school, church, or non-profit, as this is the place we have chosen to make our home and there are so many opportunities out there to help others and to in turn make our community a better place.”


What do you love most about your daughter?

“My daughter is only 2 months old, so we are still getting to know one another, although she is changing daily. Right now, I live for her big smiles and the postprandial jabber, but mostly I love that we are going to have a future together filled with experiences that we will both grow and change from. ”

What do you hope to do different for them then how you were raised ?

“I hope to frequently surround my children with extended family. My extended families live far and were not able to be physically a part of my childhood but every few years and as some of the best penpals. My husband and I have chosen to live close to family.”

What do you want to do the same ?

“Teach them that family is a source of unconditional love and support through both your failures and your successes. Technology and Facetime make interacting with family so much easier these days.”


What do you wish people knew about you ?

“I enjoy helping, just ask.”


What is your greatest advice based on your experiences to the young females of today ?

“This is not my advice, but some given from another inspiring woman, a Junior League of Tampa Sustainer, Renee Dabbs. It is the Turn, Pull, Push, Catch concept for interacting with other women/ girls. Every once in a while we should TURN, look around and see the strengths of the women/ girls we are surrounded by. Then if you can PULL that woman/girl with those strengths together to combine with yours you can likely accomplish something great. After don’t be afraid to PUSH that women/ girl off to take an opportunity/ risk on her own without you, but make sure you are there to CATCH her should she need it. This concept to me is a full circle, allowing us to develop/ help one another, but at the same time respecting the unique differences that set us apart.”


Tell us about random act of kindness.

“This is no big deal, but I travel for work and I think the entire process of travel can be a bit overwhelming and stressful, so it is not uncommon for me to give up my seat so that a couple can sit together on a packed flight or so that the “big guy” who got stuck center seat can sit isle/ window. Especially living in FL, many families are on their way to vacation and it makes travel much sweeter to be with loved ones and semi-comfortable. Often times they will try and buy me an in-flight beverage as appreciation, though not necessary, because I think we have all experienced this seating conundrum.”

( I’m going to put my two cents in here and let K in on a secret. My favorite random act of kindness I saw from Kealoha and Justin both is the quality of making people feel welcome and special. When they are taking to someone they are both present and engaged.  I saw this with myself and during their 4th of July party. Both have a way of letting the person they are speaking to know that you are genuinely interested in what they have to say……and in today’s high tech world this is something I come across less and less , but I find more and more valuable. Its something that I’m sure  touches people throughout each of your days and you should both know what a wonderful gift that is. It as random act of kindness that can reach out and change a persons day instantly ! )


What’s your statement ?

“Do not wish away a day to get to the next.”

“It is difficult to pick just one, but when you are goal oriented, you can develop the tendency to live for reaching the next goal, neglecting the present. Learn to love your Mondays as much as your Fridays.”


Kealoha and Justin it was such a pleasure meeting you both and I hope to see you guys again soon for Baby K next series of milestones 

Here is a slide show of Sweet baby K’s newborn sessions. Some may not be able to see it if they are mobile , but sit down and take some time to watch Baby K as she goes through her first growing stages !


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