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2 boys and a baby.  2 very young boys and a baby ! 2 very young  HIGH energy boys and a baby … a small room.

Its such an invitation for chaos but I have to admit I always just love seeing what happens. These two cuties also had previously learned I was probably a bigger fool than most adults at their moms maternity session where we engaged in running, playing in the rain and generally just being silly out in a field with sticks and bugs.

The game was still on apparently the minute they saw me. I didn’t try to stop it.  My goal was not really to worry about getting them calm for a photo- but more to let them have FUN at a photo shoot and teach them from the very beginning that photo shoots are a positive experience. The main focus at a newborn session  is ALWAYS the baby. If the older siblings are not in the mood..I let them be.

So this was Lauras female factor /newborn shoot. We already had spent some time together a month before so it was just very laid back like a friend coming over to show off her baby. Lauras so gentle and sweet she didn’t fuss at the boys as they got wound up, but did mention a few times she was worried I wasn’t getting any shots with the boys running all over the place.

Scroll down so you can laugh with me at that ! Truth is …It took me hours to decide which to cut out.

Make sure to read Lauras interview. She is definitely one of those people with that kind of calm zen energy we all strive so hard for and her patience is inspiring !

By the way Happy Anniversary to Laura and Daniel . You guys are the very example of what marriage should be:)


What do you do for work?

“I am so thankful that I get to spend my days with my three boys. We definitely had to tighten our budget when I stopped working full-time, but the moments that we spend together are priceless.  It’s not the easiest job I’ve ever had, but I love being home with them.

I also work part-time from home as an independent contractor writing website content. I write product descriptions, blog posts, press releases and other articles for my clients. I get most of my work done during naptime or in the evenings after the boys are in bed.”

What female inspires you now? Why ? 

“I am inspired by the women in my life who have traveled difficult paths without losing their joy or faith. I see women who have battled cancer, buried their children or overcome other obstacles, and I am inspired by the fact that they are still smiling and positive about life.”

What female impacted/inspired you most as a child?

“I was so blessed to grow up around three women who loved me unconditionally: my mom and my two grandmothers. They were all different, but they provided me with tremendous support and love. They also gave me great examples of how to be a good mom.”

What’s your greatest dream?

“I want to raise three little boys to become great men. I also want my boys to be each other’s best friends throughout life.”

What is your greatest accomplishment?

“I’m pretty proud of three rounds of childbirth with no meds!”

What is your biggest fear?

“My biggest fear would be losing my husband or children.”

What do you love most about your children? Tell us about them!

“I have been blessed with three of the most fabulous little boys that you will ever meet.

Jason, our 4 year old, has a kind and compassionate heart. He always wants to make sure everyone around him is included. He tells me that he loves me multiple times a day, and he wakes up every day completely excited about life.

Cameron, our 2 year old, loves to make people smile with his goofy sense of humor. He is sensitive and cuddly, and he really enjoys music and coloring. We all appreciate his easy-going and laid back personality.

Jordan, our newest addition, is such a sweet and happy baby. He is rarely fussy, and he loves to “talk” and giggle. His smile melts my heart and makes every day brighter.”

What do you hope to do different for them then how you were raised? what do you want to do the same ?

“My husband and I were raised in similar ways, and we both know that our parents did a great job. We are trying to raise our boys in the same way—to love God, be kind and respect others.”

What do you wish people knew about you?

“I know that I care too much about what other people think of me. I’m not stuck up; I’m just quiet at first in new situations.”



Tell us about a random act of kindness.

“My husband is one of the kindest people that I know. A couple of weeks ago, he walked into the house after a long afternoon of doing yard work and told me that he had cut our elderly neighbors’ grass, too. They never found out that he was the one who did it. Those types of acts are the most inspiring to me, because they make someone’s life easier without expecting any credit or thanks.”









What’s your statement?

“I read this about parenting, and it really stuck with me: “Remember that you are raising a human being, not managing an inconvenience.”

I never want to get so caught up in the busyness of life that I neglect the opportunities to help my sons grow in their character and learn about the world around them.”


I love that Laura ! Thank you so much for being a part of this project. You do have the most amazing little men and I’m looking forward to watching them grow up and see them grow into incredible strong men.

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Remember to Leave Laura and Daniel your thoughts and blessings on their new bundle of joy !

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Laura - October 2, 2013 - 6:19 pm

Fabulous photos! The first one makes me laugh–gotta love real life. I love how you captured Jordan’s big brown eyes.I can’t pick a favorite!

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