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Brodie. All I really need to say is shes Australian and you would fall in love with her instantly. Lets face it…Aussies just have it like that don’t they ? Along with that amazing accent, she also has the greatest laugh and an incredibly mellow personality. Shes just the kind of girl you like instantly, […]

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The Female Factor Project – Tanema

I have to be honest. I find Tanema totally awesome. Her laid back, let life happen approach to parenting is REALLY refreshing. While I was fussing around trying to find a place in the grass that was RED ANT FREE …..she was brushing off my concerns casually telling me she wasn’t concerned at all because […]

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The Female Factor Project – Cheryl

Cheryls story is the first one told in our Female Factor Project, which is a photographic documentation of women who inspire. The project is mean to honor the women who came before us, to inspire the women who are behind us, and to appreciate the women who are right beside us.  If you would like […]

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